Entia’s innovative home-use blood count analyser, which provides personalised and preventative care for cancer patients outside the hospital, has been approved for use in the UK. This unique device, integral to Entia’s Liberty remote patient monitoring service, supports home-based cancer care with a simple blood analysis from a single drop. Results are securely shared with healthcare professionals through Liberty’s dashboard, presenting a comprehensive health overview without hospital visits.

The Liberty analyser has been tested by over 1,000 cancer patients at leading UK cancer treatment centres. Now UKCA-marked, it is ready for widespread use, setting a precedent as the world’s first regulated at-home full blood count analyser and one of the first under the UK’s new safety standards post-Brexit. Plans are also underway for international approval, including in the US.

Cancer treatment requires meticulous monitoring to detect issues like neutropenia, a chemotherapy side effect that increases infection risks. Traditional hospital outpatient monitoring is time-consuming and costly, both for patients and healthcare providers. Liberty eases these burdens, enabling frequent at-home testing and monitoring, which promotes more personalised care and real-time insights.

Entia aims to alleviate treatment challenges and distress for cancer patients. Dr. Sacha Howell of The Christie NHS Foundation Trust highlights Liberty’s potential to reduce ‘time toxicity’ for patients, making treatment more bearable by cutting down on clinic visits. Professor Peter Schmid of Barts Cancer Institute praises Liberty for addressing significant cancer care challenges, improving patient experience, and enhancing clinical efficiency. Liberty’s roll-out promises to drive a more preventative and resource-efficient cancer care model in the UK.

Article written by Oliver Johnson



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