The Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona has partnered with Alexion, AstraZeneca’s rare disease group, and Nixi For Children to launch InfuKids, an innovative project aimed at reducing the anxiety children experience during infusion treatments in day hospitals. InfuKids is designed to transform the often daunting hospital experience into an engaging and educational adventure.

Children are particularly vulnerable in medical settings, often feeling anxious due to unfamiliarity with the procedures they will undergo.

InfuKids leverages technology to create an educational game where children, guided by the lovable character Nixi, become ‘infusion experts.’ This interactive journey helps them grasp what to expect during their treatment and fosters their involvement in a fun and empowering way. On their first day of treatment, each child receives a «NixiKit,» which includes a mobile license for the InfuKids game and a Nixi medical plush toy to accompany them.

Sònia Tordera, coordinator of the Child Life team, emphasizes the importance of giving children a sense of control and understanding about their treatments. «The app allows them to choose coping strategies and understand each step of the procedure, turning their treatment into a mission to complete,» she explains. This not only eases their anxiety but also motivates them through the process.

Currently, InfuKids is in a pilot phase at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona, with plans to expand to other hospitals.

Article written by Hospital Sant Joan de Déu



Hospital Sant Joan de Déu