Paragonix Technologies, a pioneering force in organ transplant innovation, has unveiled the PancreasPak™ Organ Preservation System, marking a significant breakthrough in the field of pancreatic transplantation. This FDA-cleared device is poised to revolutionize organ transportation by safeguarding and monitoring donor pancreases throughout their journey.

The PancreasPak™ System builds on Paragonix’s acclaimed SherpaPak® Cardiac Transport System, renowned for its widespread adoption across the United States. By maintaining a precise thermal environment of 4-8°C for up to 21 hours, this new technology aims to enhance pancreatic viability and transplant success rates. Such advancements are crucial as traditional methods, like plastic coolers and ice, often expose delicate organs like the pancreas to damaging freezing temperatures during transport.

Dr. Joseph Scalea, Vice Chair of Innovation at the Medical University of South Carolina, emphasized the transformative potential of this innovation: «An advanced preservation device has the potential to change everything. In just a few short months, we will finally have a tool tailored specifically to our needs, aimed at substantially enhancing organ viability and patient outcomes.»

The introduction of the PancreasPak™ System not only fills a critical gap in pancreatic transplantation but also reaffirms Paragonix’s leadership in reshaping the standard of care across the entire transplant medicine landscape.

Article written by Paragonix