«Confidence in digital health technologies’ and tools’ potential continues to progress as health systems continue to invest in a more digital health care experience – focusing on connecting with, communicating with, and monitoring patients outside the health system’s walls. While it’s reassuring to see health systems embrace the growing demand by consumers for a more digital care experience, successful patient/health system adoption is much more than investing money in and implementing new technology.

In the era of digital technology, consumerism in healthcare means patients demand the same kind of seamless digital experience they get when dealing with other service-oriented industries. The idea of healthcare consumerism is to empower patients so that they are involved in their healthcare decisions throughout every step of the patient journey. As informed consumerism rises, health systems will need to shift how they attract, engage, and treat new patients. Digital health tools must be a priority for health systems of all sizes.

Strong adopters of digital health technologies began with buy-in at the senior leadership level, redesigning the organizational strategy to become more consumer/patient-obsessed. In addition to senior leadership, the same type of commitment must be instituted into every organization’s initiative and job description.»

Article written by Logan Harper



The Digital Health Times