«A test which uses patented technology to detect the cancer biomarker MCM5 (Minichromosome Maintenance Complex Component 5) in the urine, could help gynaecologists rule out endometrial cancer in three hours.»

«New research recently published in the journal BMC Cancer shows that ADXGYNAE could have an important role in the diagnostic pathway for women suspected of having the disease, reducing the need for painful, invasive procedures. (…) ADXGYNAE is a non-invasive test which has the potential to rule out cancer with high accuracy. We hope that further clinical trials, including a pre-regulatory trial in the US, will show that ADXGYNAE, which can be carried out quickly and easily in NHS hospitals, will reduce the number of women needing these further procedures to confirm a diagnosis and provide faster reassurance for those who do not have cancer.”that ADXGYNAE could be a valuable rule-out test for the disease.»

Article written by Med-Tech Innovation



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