«By 2040, new technologies could reduce the total burden of disease by 6 to 10 percent.»

«Today’s interventions are the innovations of the past. Without them, healthy lifespans would not be as long as they are. Innovation continues to be critical to tackle diseases without known cures and to help increase uptake and adherence to interventions that work.

As part of the report Prioritizing health: A prescription for prosperity, the McKinsey Global Institute identified ten promising innovations, now in progress, that could have a material impact on health by 2040. Focusing on technologies that address the greatest unmet needs, we determined the impact of these innovations by interviewing experts and evaluating the current biological understanding of each disease, as well as the effort and excitement surrounding the new techniques as measured by funding.»

Article written by Jaana Remes, Katherine Linzer, Shubham Singhal, Martin Dewhurst, Penelope Dash, Jonathan Woetzel, Sven Smit, Matthias Evers, Matt Wilson, Dr. Kristin-Anne Rutter, and Aditi Ramdorai



McKinsey Global Institute