«Did you know that nurses spend an average of 72 minutes per shift searching for equipment? In an eight-hour shift, that’s more than 10 percent of their time. In addition, the average equipment utilization rate is less than 40 percent, and some equipment is simply lost or stolen.

These are just some of the challenges for hospitals that are already under cost pressures – and they’re urgently seeking remedies. Hospitals need more digitalization and automation in order to work more efficiently. New smart solutions offer them just that.

Especially mid-sized and large hospitals will benefit from an infrastructure that intelligently supports the entire healing process. And that will be even more important during the global pandemic and as part of adjusting to the new normal. This includes, for example, solutions for effective infection protection for patients and staff using strategies like controlled air quality, optimized patient flow management to avoid long wait times in crowded waiting areas, and solutions for automated access control.»

Article written by Job Kamphuis