«IoT wearables are capable not only of constantly monitoring the wearers’ habits but also of triggering actions automatically if needed, making smart wearables our latest weapons in the fight against addiction.

As technology progresses and continues to rid us of many of our natural limitations and ailments, it is often accused of spawning new problems. For instance, the proliferation of the internet, and the dark web, in particular, has made addictive opioids more accessible than before. Although news like these show modern technology in a bad light, the positive impact made by technology is much more significant and should not be ignored. In fact, modern technological applications like AI, big data, and IoT are offering us solutions to most of our illnesses, saving thousands of lives every year. For instance, the use of AI in healthcare has given rise to many life-saving applications, from cancer-detection systems to surgical robots. However, there has been very little to show for when it comes to curing addictions like tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption, and opioid abuse. But now, there has been a recent addition to the series of technologies that are enhancing our physical well-being wearables. These devices enable people to keep track of their health and develop healthy habits and are now becoming a growing part of our fight against addiction.»

Article written by  Naveen Joshi



BBN Times