«Medicine has been one of the slowest industries to adopt technology. For the last decade, physicians across the United States and in all specialties and settings have been bombarded with fancy presentations, promises of ease of use and integration, and unfounded “data-based” assurances of future improved patient outcomes, workflow efficiencies, and practice cost savings. Wowed by the opportunity to improve the flow of their workday and patients’ health, physicians bought in to many of these firms. This came mostly at their own expense. Physicians soon, as a group, were largely and abjectly disappointed in a broad range of these products and the outcomes. These disappointments only led to abandoning the physician’s investment and an increasing lack of trust in people selling the endless range of technology solutions, big promises, and improved health outcomes. In short, physicians have been burned and are now highly reluctant to engage.»

Article written by  KENNETH A. LEVEY, MD, MPH