«A new medical device collaboration is giving surgeons «x-ray vision,» by fusing digitally enhanced images directly into the microscope of a surgical device. The tech, called SyncAR, is a partnership between Los Angeles-based health tech innovators Surgical Theater, and Irish medical device company Medtronic. While surgeons typically need to look up at screens in order to access patient data or enhanced visuals — adding time and hindering surgical flow — this system enables access to all that information in one place.»

«It was designed specifically for complex neurosurgeries and includes augmented — or digitally layered — 3D images that are created using Surgical Theater’s SyncAR technology. Each image shows a detailed visual of the specific body part that is being operated on, built using a patient’s anatomical scans such as an MRI or a CT scan.»

Article written by  Zahra Jamshed