«Researchers at the University of Alberta are studying whether combining a commercially available wearable device with artificial intelligence can effectively predict symptom worsening in people with chronic lung conditions, such as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).»

«Developed by New York-based Health Care Originals to monitor asthma, the ADAMM-RSM is a small, flexible, and comfortable patch-like device that can be attached to the side, front, or back of the upper torso under clothing.»

«ADAMM-RSM can monitor coughing, breathing patterns, presence of wheeze, heart rate, temperature, and activity level for at least eight hours per day, and transfers the data via Bluetooth to the user’s electronic device. The user can then review the collected info in a web portal and in a smartphone app.»

Article written by   Marta Figueiredo PhD. Image by Crystal Lights / Shutterstock



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