«To take a fairly typical example, someone using a selection of the most popular apps and digital tools to eat healthily, manage their weight, keep active, stop smoking, help managing their anxiety and address sleeping problems could easily tot up an annual spend approaching £400.»

«Whilst these digital apps and tools are a boon for some of us, we shouldn’t forget that a significant proportion of the population are currently priced out of accessing health and wellbeing support in this way.»

«It does not seem fair that digital solutions that could address significant population-level health challenges are only available if the individual pays for them. In some parts of the country, access to digital solutions are starting to be funded[2] however these examples are rare. Does it seem right that the privileged few can afford apps to the keep themselves healthy, but those individuals who are economically challenged aren’t able to access them?»

Article written by Rahel Gerezgiher.



Health Innovation Network