«The healthcare industry is continuing to evolve with technological innovations that can provide clinicians with a more holistic view of their patient’s health and which we ultimately expect to improve patient outcomes. Both telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM) have seen a significant increase in adoption over the last couple of years. As those technologies continue to see broader usage and become part of mainstream healthcare delivery, what’s next on the horizon for digital health technology? One very interesting category is digital therapeutics (DTx), which have seen an uptick in development, progress in regulation and early evidence of adoption and impact.»

«Despite consumer acceptance and approval of nearly 40 DTx products by the Food and Drug Administration for a variety of indications thus far, there are still many questions and much to learn with regard to regulations, greater adoption and integration into the clinical workflow to improve patient care and outcomes using digital therapeutics. Let’s explore.»

Article written by LUCIENNE MARIE IDE



Med City News