Cutting-edge technologies are disrupting the healthcare and life science field. While recent headlines have largely focused on its content creation abilities, AI technology can also be used in drug development, anti-aging, and neuroscience.

At the BEYOND Expo 2023 in Macao, Dalong Hu, SVP at XtalPi, co-founder of iCarbonX Yingrui Li, and Phoenix Peng, co-founder and CEO of NeuroXess, on Thursday discussed the cutting-edge technology now available in the fields of drug development, anti-aging, and brain science.

Companies like XtalPi are using a «trinity» drug development innovation model, while iCarbonX is creating a «digital twin» of the body for personalized healthcare. China’s Brain Project aims to unlock the mysteries of the brain through brain-computer interfaces, with companies like NeuroXess working on high-throughput neural read/write capabilities, low-trauma approaches, and long-term carriers.

Article written by Technode