Allergy sufferers currently have limited treatment options despite the increasing prevalence of allergies. The only FDA-approved treatment available today is food allergy immunotherapy, which involves exposing patients to tiny amounts of the allergen to reduce immune reactions. However, Ukko has developed a new therapeutic approach that separates the toxic components from the curative elements of the protein. By eliminating the risks associated with handling a toxic substance, Ukko’s therapy overcomes the trade-off between safety and effectiveness. This results in an improved patient experience, a more streamlined treatment process, and ultimately a safer and more efficient therapy.

Ukko’s computational protein design platform, extensively validated using patient samples and animal testing, utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the precise modifications required to achieve desired protein characteristics. This allows for the precise engineering of proteins to retain beneficial elements and remove harmful ones. While Ukko initially focuses on peanut allergies and plans to begin clinical trials for its peanut therapeutic in the coming year, the company has intentions to apply its platform to other allergenic proteins in the future.

Article written by Springwise