BetaLife Health is changing the African healthcare narrative by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to promote health equity and improve patient outcomes. Africa has long been plagued by a blood donation shortage, with many countries struggling to meet the demand for blood transfusions. But now, thanks to advances in AI, the continent is on the brink of a breakthrough that could save countless lives.

BetaLife Health, whose Founder&CEO is the 21-year-old Mubarak Ayanniyi, has revolutionized the way that blood donations are managed in Africa. Instead of relying on manual processes, hospitals and blood banks are now using BetaLife Health sophisticated algorithms to predict when and where blood donations will be needed most. This has led to more efficient distribution of blood products, reducing waste and ensuring that those who need it most receive the lifesaving treatment they require.

Article written by APO Group on behalf of GITEX Africa.