Plaguing the tech and medtech industries, layoffs have put a harsh spotlight on the realities of running such a company during unsteady economic conditions. On the other hand, medtech manufacturing, which some are toting as currently “recession proof,” continues to see labor shortages of skilled workers, delaying output timelines. That said, even with two vastly different problems at hand, automation could become an alluring prospect.

To understand the benefits and challenges of investing in automation during unstable economic times, MD+DI spoke with Rich Warren, chief commercial officer of Medical Manufacturing Technologies (MMT), and John Hatzis, tech consultant – global industry at Rockwell Automation. The two experts highlighted potential return on investment timelines, the industry outlook on the historical adoption of automation technology, and the ever-evolving developments in technology and design pattern.

Article written by Katie Hobbins


Source: MDDI // metamorworks- iStock via Getty ImagES