South Africa has the highest HIV prevalence of any country, with 7.5 million people living with HIV in 2019. By 2020, this figure had risen by 300,000, bringing the total to 7.8 million people.

Aviro Health is a South African healthtech startup that focuses on improving HIV care and patient support. They collaborate with healthcare providers, particularly those specializing in HIV, to offer their services to the public. Aviro’s pocket clinic platform enables patients to access support, counseling, and testing through their mobile phones or other devices. The platform provides video counseling in multiple languages.

After counseling, patients visit partner healthcare providers for HIV testing. The results can be reported through the app, and depending on the outcome, patients receive appropriate counseling and guidance. Aviro Health provides information on HIV testing, treatment initiation, prevention strategies, and access to medications like Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). They also offer support for other health conditions like diabetes and cancer.

Article written by Victoria Fakiya